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A Q&A with Tempeh

Q: So, can you tell me your credentials on spewing advice on plant-based diets?

A: Well, I’m made of plants, which means I’m literally plant based. It’s in my blood, as you humans would say. And I’m telling you all this stuff knowing full well you might go out and snatch my brethren from the alternative meat section, so really, I’m a martyr of my kind. Anyway…

Q: That got deep. Can you tell us where you come from? You know, know where your food comes from and all that.

A: Yeah, so I come from soybeans, just like tofu…

Did you know social isolation and loneliness are detrimental to both physical and mental health? Though you can’t see it under a microscope, loneliness is a very real, double-whammy threat to well-being. The science says so, which you can read about it my last post. But instead of getting into the statistics again, I’d like to speak to you human to human as that’s what ultimately matters here.

Human connection is the foundation of human nature. We are social beings (even introverts and self-proclaimed anti-social people), so not having any-or very limited-social interaction takes away part of the foundation of…

Following up from my last post, you know I’ve found a new direction for EVR Creative — a side hustle for social good if you will (not that you have much of a choice because I already wrote it…and it has a good ring to it, don’t you think?). In thinking about it, though, it’s not so much a new direction as it is a parallel side road to my writing and editing. And as with most side roads, it’s slower and bumpier, but I’m taking it anyway because I’m pretty sure being a businesswoman (especially in #2020) has granted…

It’s easy to lose motivation to do something hard if the reason you’re doing it is unclear or misguided. Or maybe the vision is clear at the beginning, but then it gets fuzzy when you put pen to paper (perhaps even literally, like me). So, what then? Why keep going?

If I’ve learned anything from starting my business (I’m not even sure why I write “if”…I’ve definitely learned things…a LOT of things), it’s that the path is way more twisted and three-dimensional than I thought it would be. Left, right, U-turn, up, down. If you could see my internal turn…

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Starting something new is hard. It just is. It’s part of the reason why I haven’t blogged in so long. In a world of oversaturation and overstimulation — information, news, images, memes, and so on — what do I have to say that adds any value? What difference does it make if I blog or not?

You can see I’ve been a bit melodramatic, but you can’t deny that I have a point, can you? Why start anything new? Key word: why.

Making anything from scratch leads to playing the who, what, when, where, why, and how game. But as…

Is a plant-based diet suitable for endurance athletes? Yes, yes it is.

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There are many misconceptions about being vegan and an athlete. But what about protein? And iron? And all those micronutrients? These are all valid questions, but the fact that they are common questions reveals a lack of information about the adequacy — and even advantages — of a plant-based diet for athletes.

The food industry has had a tight hold on our dietary recommendations, leaving the public to follow a set of recommendations that don’t encourage a lot of exploration into, say, a plant-based diet.

The USDA is subject to the political biases of the meat and dairy industry, which…

Yes, it’s hard, but doable.

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I admit I was a late adopter of running with a mask. I figured I could keep enough distance from others or run routes that were secluded enough to justify running without it. Maybe you thought so too, or still think so. I thought I was doing my fair share by wearing a mask every other time I left the house, but running with one? I could feel my lungs just thinking about it.

But as the pandemic continues to linger, and worsen, so did the worried and disgruntled looks from people I passed while running maskless. Some even threw…

Solidarity for Writers in Writers’ Block

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Me: Here we are again: Blank Page, Writers’ Block. At least I’m not hangry this time. That never ends well.

It: Yup, same story, different day. Wait, do you even have a story? And I’m pretty sure you wore the same outfit yesterday.

Me: Maybe . . . I don’t know! You of all people — or things . . . organs? — should know not to rush the creative process. And yes, I am wearing the same outfit. It’s comfy and it’s quarantine time, so don’t judge. …

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Q&A with COVID-19, Part II

(Part I here)

Q: We’ll make this quick again because I know you’re still busy. But I won’t go easy on you this time. Let’s get right to it. Are you done yet?

A: Whoa, Nelly! Not beating around the bush, are you? That’s cool with me. I know I’m not very well liked, despite being popular. I mean, look how much news coverage I’ve gotten! Talk about celebrity status. I know, I know, I shouldn’t boast. That’s not why I’m here.

Q: Are you sweating?

A: Are you surprised?! You put me in the hot seat! It’s not easy…

Q&A with Bennie Bean

Q: Okay, Bennie, ready to get started?

A: Yeah! Hit me with your best shot. . . .

Q: Sing-songy today, are we? You seem to be in a good mood.

A: Why not? My top is popped-thanks for that, by the way. Most of the time my lips are sealed, a pact I grudgingly hold as a Shelf Stable Champion. So, it’s a relief when someone takes a can opener to me. I mean, it’s scary because hello sharp teeth! Clamping down on my neck with no mercy. But I just squeeze my eyes shut and go to my…

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Freelance writer + editor at EVR Creative. Passionate about social entrepreneurship, public health, and connecting people through words to spark social good.

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