Let’s talk about the times it doesn’t. What then? A theory and some inspiration.

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The positive effect of exercise on mental health has been well-established in the scientific literature, with statements like “exercise has a large and significant antidepressant effect” (Schuch et al., 2016). …

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We’ve all been there: you’re running and the urge to poop bubbles up until thinking about everything but not pooping or telling yourself you will make it before the poop makes its grand exit gets overshadowed by an undeniable, anxiety-producing realization that you will poop, whether you like it or…

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How the vaccine infertility scare came to be

Let’s start with this: The COVID-19 vaccine does not cause infertility. All the talk about risking infertility as a result of the vaccine is a serious case of misinformation. False information. A myth. An unfounded notion.

How can you know? While it’s understandable to have concerns around the COVID-19 vaccine…

Timely life advice from my past self, circa 2013

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The Box of Curiosity, of deeper meaning

Sits with a red ribbon loosely tied;

The mind tugs

At the ribbon’s frayed end.

The ribbon slides open

With a purpose,

As if to suggest

The Power that sits inside.

My thoughts sink deeper

Like roots reaching, stretching

Deeper into the soil…

A dedication to the face masks on the ground.

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There is something sad about a fallen mask —

Pressed into the ground, trodden, forgotten,

Once a soldier with a valiant task,

Now crumbles as they receive their pardon.

What is a fallen mask to do, pressed to the street rather than a nose?

Collecting dirt and dust not breath,

A lost period may mask an unhealthy mindset for food/exercise. This is my story of running off my period and getting it — and myself — back.

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When I lost my period for the first time, I was strangely fascinated. And concerned. Like when the person you see walking your block at the same time every day doesn’t show one day and you think, I wonder what happened to them? I hope everything is okay.

Not to…

Tight budgets and Pilates classes don’t mix. Why not DIY?

There’s a Pilates studio that recently opened just down my street. After months of wondering what would go in that space that has windows for front walls, I was really excited when I saw the sign. Pilates, steps from my front door. Please and thank you! But when I looked…

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Today marks two weeks since my poor left shoulder received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. It went smoothly, just like the first dose, but without the minor blood spurt this time. I suppose you can only be so special once.

The fact that it was a drive-thru clinic…

May was Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s what I have to say about that.

Sometime last year, in the 2020 blur, I realized I had a spot on my scalp, right on my part line, that was red and raised. I picked at it out of habit, which made it…

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An mRNA vaccine sounds very science-y. And it is. It relies on known science to produce immunity without ever needing to inoculate the body with dead virus. Pretty nifty.

Though mRNA vaccines are new, they have been studied for decades. Basically, once we know some key information about a virus…

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